Ethereum Game ‘Nifty Island’ Launches Speedrun Challenge—How to Earn NFTs


Nifty Island, an Ethereum blockchain game built around user-generated content, announced Friday that it’s launching a two-part speedrunning challenge around a new play mode called “Break the Targets”—and both level creators and players can earn NFT rewards for getting involved.

Over the weekend, level creators can design their own unique courses around the play mode, giving players courses in which they can try to maximize their run while shooting targets. The top three “most creative courses” will be chosen by a community team for players to then try to set record times while playing.

“Builders and speedrunners, this is your time to shine!” Nifty Island said in a tweet.

Creators will have until 4pm EST on March 31 to build their course and post a video on Twitter using the hashtag #Nifty. The tweet, Nifty Island said, must then be posted in the “BTT-challenge” channel on the official Nifty Island Discord server.

Courses will be judged “based on their visual appeal, fun, and creativity,” with further details available via the Discord server. Launched in January, Nifty Island is a 3D social game in which players can design islands, complete quests, earn NFT rewards, and participate in airdrops. It offers cross-chain integration, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Base.

Winners of each event, Nifty Island said, will be rewarded with NFT prizes, including Palms, Ultra Blades, and Legendary Pistols. These limited-edition, tokenized in-game items may provide players special benefits as Nifty Island expands, particularly during the current play-to-airdrop push that’s leading up to the launch of the ISLAND token.

The top three courses will receive an Iron Palm, and the top 10 speedrunners across the three courses will receive a Bronze Palm, Iron Palm, and Ultra Blade for the top three runners and a Legendary Pistol for the remaining runners.

“Good luck Islanders,” Nifty Island tweeted.

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