Pancakeswap Erupts for 85% Growth. Inqubeta Reaches $4.3m as Popularity Grows


As Bitcoin (BTC) maintains its place well above the $30,000 mark, many other cryptocurrencies are also getting crypto investors excited.

Among such cryptos are CAKE of PancakeSwap, which is showing green in its chart, up to 101%, and QUBE of InQubeta, which has raised about $4.3 million in its ongoing presale.

The CAKE is Green

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PancakeSwap, founded in September 2020, is a liquidity protocol run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is said to be similar to Ethereum’s Uniswap but on a different blockchain. It is the largest decentralized exchange for BEP20 tokens.

By acting as a liquidity protocol, PancakeSwap makes it possible for a system to supply the necessary liquidity for the BNB Smart Chain, allowing for quicker and less expensive token trades. PancakeSwap’s trading system functions as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that eliminates the need for middlemen and order books while encouraging users to contribute money to liquidity pools that other users can trade against.

The CAKE token is the foundation of PancakeSwap’s on-chain governance structure. CAKE holders can participate in on-chain voting for decisions on protocol development and policy. Over time, the protocol has been updated and problems have been fixed.

The protocol incorporates an inflationary token model but has various deflationary systems in place. So, while it generates 1.2 million CAKE tokens daily, it also burns some of the generated tokens daily. This is just one of its deflationary mechanisms.

The recent price surge of CAKE has caused a buzz in the crypto ecosystem as analysts try to figure out the cause of the bullish move on the price charts.

Interestingly, CAKE is not the only cryptocurrency that is making investors smile. QUBE of InQubeta has hit the $4.3 million mark as it races towards the completion of its presale phase.

The InQubeta Solution

As QUBE gains popularity and investors boost their portfolios with this AI crypto, the focus is directed towards the InQubeta platform and what it offers the cryptocurrency space. 

InQubeta is based on the idea that the combination of AI technology and cryptocurrency is a unique chance for growth and new ideas in both the AI and cryptocurrency fields. With the AI industry growing and changing, there are many ideas for how to solve problems in the real world. However, funding these ideas and the solutions they represent can be hard with traditional funding methods, which do not work well for AI startups or are out of reach for many founders.

The QUBE token supports the InQubeta marketplace and makes investing easy and quick. AI startups can count on it to get funding, and AI investors can count on it to get rewards. InQubeta offers an open, safe, and democratic investment ecosystem that helps AI startups grow and succeed. However, many believe investing in these startups is risky because AI is an exciting and changing field.

Knowing that investing in AI startups will not only boost the industry but also offer great rewards over time, InQubeta allows both bold and seasoned investors and cautious and amateur investors to invest in AI startups through fractional investment.

First, the AI startups create NFTs that represent various rewards or equity in their businesses. These NFTs will offer investors incentives that will make them a great investment option when listed on the InQubeta marketplace in fractionalized bits so that investors can invest based on their budget.

Next, holders of the QUBE tokens purchase these NFTs from the startups they believe in through a secure and efficient process. After that, the startups receive the necessary funds to support the growth of the company, while the investors stay entitled to the rewards associated with the purchased NFT.

This solution has increased the popularity of the crypto crowdfunding platform, making its presale an ongoing success, having raised over $4.3 million so far. InQubeta has currently sold over 74% of its Stage 5 allocated tokens, which are now selling for $0.0161.

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