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The fervor surrounding the potential approval of a United States-based spot Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) is reaching a crescendo. With Bloomberg Intelligence estimating a 90% chance of a nod from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by January 10, 2024, the crypto market’s pulses are racing.

The endorsement of such a product could spell a new dawn for Bitcoin’s price trajectory, potentially propelling it to $150,000.

Institutional Demand Grows for a Bitcoin ETF

The whispers of BlackRock seeding its Bitcoin ETF have sent tremors through the crypto market. Subsequently nudging the price of Bitcoin to over $35,000. A figure unseen in nearly 18 months and a stark contrast to Ethereum’s 50% year-to-date rise.

The recent surge in Bitcoin’s price, marked by a 27% uptick in October, signals a buoyant market. Indeed, this speculation mirrors a broader sentiment that the US is on the cusp of embracing Bitcoin ETFs. This will align with the more progressive stance seen in Canada and Europe.

“Institutional demand for a spot Bitcoin ETF is stronger than ever before. For many institutions, it is a matter of when — not if — the SEC will approve a spot Bitcoin ETF,” Diogo Mónica, President of Anchorage Digital, said.

Bitcoin Price Performance. Source: TradingView

The approval could also potentially counter the effects of the recent crypto crackdown. Therefore opening a regulated avenue for US firms to venture into the crypto industry. This move could see trading giants like Jane Street, Virtu Financial, and others providing liquidity for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF, further bolstering the market dynamics.

At present, US investors’ pathway to Bitcoin exposure remains tethered to futures, options, and other derivatives. Notably, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is a beacon, boasting over $21 billion in assets under management (AUM). However, the allure of ETFs, with on-exchange trading features and liquidity, is undeniable.

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The transition of GBTC to an ETF is a testament to this allure, a move echoed by a slew of other firms like Fidelity, Invesco, and VanEck, all awaiting the SEC’s green light.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Targeting $150,000

Amid this backdrop, the SEC’s engagement, notably its non-appeal of a Grayscale case outcome, hints at a favorable verdict come January.

“The market was waiting to see if the SEC would appeal against the Grayscale verdict. Now that SEC has chosen not to appeal, and actually, has been actively responding with edits or comments on the ETF applications, the probability of an approval by the January 10 due date looks highly likely,” Gautam Chhugani, Global Digital Senior Analyst at Bernstein, wrote.

The ramifications of such an approval are profound. BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin ETF could herald a new era of institutional involvement, potentially creating a supply crunch given Bitcoin’s capped production at 21 million. This, coupled with the impending halving event in six months, could create a perfect storm for price appreciation.

The growing Bitcoin ETF momentum, contrasted against the historical performance around halving events, sets a compelling narrative. The narrative of a new cycle, where Bitcoin’s price could skyrocket to $150,000 by mid-2025, as per Bernstein analysts.

The convergence of a favorable regulatory shift, institutional influx, and intrinsic supply dynamics could catalyze this ascent.

“We expect US regulated ETFs to be the watershed moment for crypto and we expect a SEC approval by late 2023/Q1, 2024. Post halving, we expect the Bitcoin spot demand via ETFs to outstrip miner selling by 6-7 times at peak. We expect Bitcoin ETFs to be equivalent to 9-10% of spot Bitcoin in circulation by 2028,” Chhugani added.

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Beyond the price implications, accepting a Bitcoin ETF could signify a monumental stride toward mainstream adoption. The direct access to Bitcoin via an exchange-listed instrument, akin to the access to spot gold prices through physical gold-backed ETFs, is a milestone.

It is a leap toward simplifying Bitcoin investment, offering a direct link eagerly awaited by crypto enthusiasts.

However, amid the optimism, prudence is paramount. As the crypto market teeters on the cusp of a potential ETF approval, investors must tread with diligence, fully aware of the volatility. The journey towards $150,000 is laden with promise and peril, emblematic of the Bitcoin saga.


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